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Addiction to both drugs and alcohol has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Drug addiction has become a nation-wide epidemic that continues to worsen with each passing day, ravaging the lives of individuals as well as their families. It is important to know that, even though you may think you can recognize a drug addict, drug and alcohol dependency issues can lurk behind the doors of many supposedly happy households. It’s imperative that if you are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction that you get help from this directory of various Pompano Beach Rehab centers.

Prescription drug addiction is becoming incredibly common among residents of Pompano Beach, Florida and sometimes the addict themselves is not fully aware that they have a drug problem. A person may be prescribed pain medications to manage an injury and before they know it, they are in the grips of a serious opiate addiction. If you find that you are becoming increasingly dependent on substances of abuse, it's time to get help immediately. If you do not choose to get help, your addiction will worsen.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Pompano Beach

How one of the Pompano Beach Rehab Centers can Help

Prescription medication addiction is as dangerous as illegal drug substance dependency, and if you are suffering from either habit, you need to get help now. Getting help as soon as possible is crucial to beating dependency problems and this is where drug rehabs in Pompano Beach become necessary.

If you are battling drug addiction in Pompano Beach, it is advisable that you pick up the phone and call today. There is an extensive network of treatment centers available in Pompano Beach, Florida that are ready to help you and this directory service lists many of them. 

How do the Pompano Beach Rehab Centers Work?

The team of addiction advisors at the various facilities are very adept at examining different drug and alcohol addictions and diagnosing appropriate treatment services. They will be able to ascertain what type of treatment is going to work best for you.

Why is Addiction Detrimental to Your Life?

The ramifications of drug and alcohol dependency are far-reaching. Not only does addiction impede on your family life and relationships, but it can also lead you down a path of crime and risky behaviors. Some people turn to robbery to feed their habit, while others might even begin a life of prostitution simply to fund their drug addiction.

Furthermore, drugs and alcohol can cause unbelievable havoc on your mental wellbeing and general health. Sufferers of heroin addiction are putting themselves at risk of being infected with HIV from sharing needles. Heroin users may end up with collapsed veins from injecting and put themselves at risk of overdosing every single day.

There has been a growing trend of mixing fentanyl with heroin as it is cheaper. In small amounts, this toxic substance is incredibly dangerous and life-threatening. The risk of overdosing on fentanyl is very high and there are pockets in the United States where death from fentanyl ingestion happens every single day.

The mental health ramifications of excessive drug and alcohol abuse can last a lifetime. Aside from developing depression and anxiety resulting from their habit, drug users put themselves at risk of developing psychosis and even schizophrenia.

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Get in touch with a friendly and supportive addiction advisor today and before you know it you will be embarking on a drug-free road to freedom. Call today and learn and take a look through the list of various Pompano Beach Rehab centers as well (877) 804-1531.

Pompano Beach Drug Addiction Issues

Pompano Beach is located in Broward County, Florida. It is a small city of just under 100,000 residents. Pompano Beach is only one of the communities in South Florida that are buckling under the pressure of the opioid crisis, with a newspaper article recently reporting on an exponential increase in drug-related deaths in 2016; figures were almost double that of the preceding year.

Fentanyl has been responsible for a number of these deaths, and this is possibly due to the increase in numbers of users mixing heroin and other opiates with this synthetic opiate. Due to its potency; it is between 50 and 100 times more concentrated than morphine, addicts are using fentanyl to give them a more intense hit.

With the increase in drug-related deaths, there has been an increase in drug-related crimes. Regularly the local newspaper reports on weapons and drugs seizures, and the result has been detention centers bursting at the seams. More than ever, the people of Pompano Beach and the wider Broward County need solutions to the addiction crisis. Incarceration is not working so rehab treatment centers are the only hope. Luckily, Pompano Beach rehab options are plentiful and have services and staff that are contributing to many success stories of sobriety.

What is Addiction?

The American Medical Society classifies addiction as a disease. Essentially when speaking about drug and alcohol addiction, the illness is a chemical dependency disease. The physical and psychological dimensions of a person can become uncontrollably dependent on drugs and alcohol. While it can indeed be argued that addiction is a disease of choice, it is still a disease nonetheless. The initial act of taking drugs is mostly a decision made by the consumer, but they can be predisposed to the illness long before the physical act of ingestion even takes place. In fact, in some instances, a person may be facing addiction problems in their life from the time that they are born. Here are a couple of factors that related to addiction predisposition.


A person's DNA can play a role in drug dependency problems. Specific genetic variations are incredibly linked to a person's predisposition to addiction problems.


A child that is immersed in an environment teeming with addiction is likely to adopt addiction problems themselves. Learned behaviors from a young age guide the journey a child will likely take in the future. It is unsurprising then that a child that grows up under the supervision of an addicted parent or parents is eight times more likely to become drug dependent compared to a child that grows up with no addiction in their lives. It is not only the learned behaviors that affect a child's ability to navigate life without drugs. Unfortunately, due to the stress, emotional trauma and neglect associated with living under the care of addicted parents, a child will face many negative impacts. Missing school, experiencing violence and other abuse are just some challenges that a child of an addict(s) faces. These awful experiences can themselves cause the child to turn to drugs to escape.

Socio-economic factors:

Another issue that can increase a person's likelihood of addiction is the social and economic disadvantages they may face. Growing up in poverty and without job prospects increase a person's risk of addiction.

While these factors may scare you if you are living in the South Florida area and suffering from drug addiction, you need to know that that there is always hope of healing. You may recognize some of these factors as relating to your own story of drug dependency, but with so many Pompano Beach rehab options available, these factors no longer matter. You have a fighting chance of getting sober and living your best life again.

Prescription Opiate Addiction

Mentioned earlier is the opiate crisis in Broward County. Most people associate heroin with opiates, but there are many other forms. A frightening fact is that many types of opioid are legal.

Opiates are naturally found in the Opium poppy plant. They have long been championed for their pain relieving qualities and are found in popular drugs including hydrocodone (sold as Vicodin), codeine, morphine (sold as Kadian and Avinza) and oxycodone (sold as OxyContin).

Medical practitioners prescribe opiates like the ones listed for severe pain. Due to the euphoric high, intense sense of calm and wellbeing that these drugs cause, they are increasingly being abused. The opiate epidemic has taken drug addiction off the streets and behind the doors of suburban homes. This drug scourge is tearing families apart and uprooting the lives of people who otherwise were happy, healthy, functioning members of society.

The danger of opiate addiction is that persistent and extensive use of these pain relievers is detrimental to health and relationships, and can cause death. Furthermore, in desperation for more opiates, addicts are turning to the streets when their doctor refuses them a prescription. They begin to purchase heroin to act as a substitute and are at risk of injecting and overdosing. An opiate abuser may embark on a life of crime or sex work to fund their addiction, and the emotional trauma of their actions can affect them for the rest of their lives. They may become very depressed, anxious and even suicidal. The grips of opiate addiction are so frightening, but luckily there are excellent Pompano Beach rehab facilities that are equipped with detox programs.

There is an abundance of Pompano Beach rehab services that provide the following treatments to beat opiate addiction.

Medically Assisted Detox

A patient will receive a substitute medication to replace their opiate as they detox. They are supervised under the care of an experienced medical practitioner equipped with the skills and knowledge required to navigate them to sobriety.

The process of medically assisted detox generally lasts from three to seven days, after which a patient's system should be "clean" from their addictive substance. From here, the patient will embark on a series of therapies all aimed at keeping them sober.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This psychosocial treatment is used as a mechanism to learn stress-coping strategies. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) also challenges a person's thought processes, habits, and attitudes. Concerning the addict, CBT helps them to learn more productive strategies to fight their urge to use drugs and teaches them to be empowered to say no.

This therapy is being increasingly used to help sufferers of opiate abuse.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is not a treatment but a place to reside in for a fixed period to receive a range of treatments. This type of live-in treatment facility is best suited to those with severe, life-threatening addictions and opiate dependency certainly falls into this category. There are both short and long-term inpatient stays and which one you enter will depend on the intensity of your illness. 

A variety of psychological, holistic and medical detoxifying treatments live under one roof, providing you with a one-stop shop for sobriety. The goal of inpatient rehab services is to provide a patient with a carefully tailored combination of treatments that will tend to both their emotional and physical needs. Ideally, a patient will leave a residential rehab wholly sober and ready to tackle life again.

Inpatient rehab is often a very suitable option for opiate abusers due to the chokehold that these drugs have. An opiate addict can benefit from the comprehensive care and support provided to them within the confines of a residential center. There are excellent residential Pompano Beach Rehab options to choose from.

Why seeking addiction support is important

Seeking help for addiction is imperative as recovering without adequate support and medical care is nearly impossible. If you are a drug abuser, you may want to get clean but feel afraid. Perhaps you are thinking of attempting a drug detox attempt by yourself. Do not do this! Detoxing from drugs, particularly after persistent and excessive use is hazardous.

With adequate addiction treatment support from trained professionals, you will not put your life in danger. You also will have considerably more of a chance of achieving sobriety. Those addicts that attempt to detox without support mostly fail due to lack of willpower and pain caused by withdrawal symptoms. These addicts may be afraid to detox again and may avoid getting any help due to their own bad experience. The result is usually a more profound decline in drug abuse, and this is not what anyone wants for their lives.

Living with addiction is horrible for the addict, their loved ones and the community as a whole. The effects of drug addiction are not just reserved for the user; their actions can impact everyone around them. Perhaps you are taking drugs and have engaged in criminal activities to fund your habit. Your addiction is causing your loved ones to worry and have sleepless nights. Your drug taking is affecting your health. Living an addicted life is the same as living a wasted life.

Addiction to drugs causes a range of health problems, affecting the physical and psychological self. These health problems include:

•   Increased heart rate and blood pressure

•   HIV and AIDS

•   Mental illness including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many more

•   Heart attack and stroke

•   Psychosis

•   Lung disease

•   Cancer

•   Seizures

These health problems are a small sample of what you could be in store for when you lead a life of drug or alcohol addiction. Not only will your health be compromised, but you may also damage relationships with loved ones and sometimes this damage is irreparable. Constant lying and damaging behavior associated with addiction may isolate you from your social network, and you could find yourself alone and depressed.

For all those nice feelings that drug use gives, there are a million adverse side effects. There is no reason to continue living with dependency problems. You deserve to give yourself a fighting chance by seeking help. It's the only way that you can move forward and get sober. If you don't feel worthy of treatment and think that you have no chance of redemption, at least think about seeking help for your loved ones. They deserve to live a life free from worry and stress, and they will be more than happy to see you try to make a change.

If you are ready to make a change, reach out to an addiction specialist for support. These specialists work at all Pompano Beach rehab services, and they can talk to you about your options before you decide on a treatment facility that you want to enter.

Addiction Specialists understand the many different drugs that are abused, and they are in a position to guide you towards appropriate therapies to help you heal. They can advise on courses of treatment that suit both your budget and specific addiction needs. Furthermore, these drug treatment professionals may also be able to liaise with your health insurer on your behalf, easing some of the burdens of the process for you.

There is no doubt that you have a steep road ahead of you. You are one of the countless people in South Florida dealing with drug addiction today, so take solace that you are not alone. With the support of your family, friends and the fantastic Addiction Specialists in each treatment center, your new life free of addiction is just a phone call away. One of the many centers for drug rehab in Pompano Beach are ready for you.

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